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    Icare Attended Care Provider

    Physiotherapy is a vibrant health care profession that aims to diagnose, rehabilitate and improve movement disorders by using evidence-based, natural methods such as exercise, manual therapy, motivation, adapted equipment and advocacy. Fox Physiotherapy offers one on one assessment and treatments of all physiotherapy suitable injuries to muscles, joints and neural tissues. Treatments are specifically tailored to the individual’s goals and current function. Physiotherapy treatment consists of restoring joint movement and muscle length through manual therapy techniques and exercise with the aim of restoring normal function. These techniques vary based on the injury and patient long term goals. When it comes to orthopaedic rehabilitation – no one does it better! Contact us today for more insight on our orthopaedic rehabilitation treatments, fall and balance sessions and more.


    As we are an icare attended care provider – you know you will receive the utmost leading sessions and reliable treatments.


    Approved attendant care providers have skills and experience in supporting people with severe injuries and dust diseases in day to day activities, offering support such as personal care, domestic assistance, home rehabilitation programs and getting involved in community activities. Here at Fox Physiotherapy we are an icare attended care provider and administer leading physiotherapy treatments for all. We have been approved from the government and have been labelled as the finest physiotherapy group in Sydney.


    Our physiotherapists and allied health providers have experience and offer comprehensive assessments and treatment to provide rapid relief from pain associated with a variety of injuries or conditions including accidents, post surgical treatment, age-related issues, sport injuries, chronic pain and many more. Additionally, as an icare attended care provider, you would have the complete support of the professionals in order to ensure you achieve your set targets and goals. When it comes down to a NDIS registered physiotherapy Sydney team – we are your leading choice!

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