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    Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

    Welcome to Fox Physiotherapy where we believe in providing fast and effective management of all musculoskeletal injuries through leading orthopaedic rehabilitation methodologies. Our purpose built clinic is designed to enhance your treatment, training and rehabilitation. Our clinic has a large central gymnasium and semi-private treatment rooms. We vary our hands-on treatment based on the individual, not the diagnosis, to help you move better and stronger. We also offer a plethora of various classes to compliment treatments that are tailored to individual needs. As an NDIS registered physio Sydney team – we will work alongside you to ensure that you get the results you need!


    Fox Physiotherapy administers the highest quality of orthopaedic rehabilitation, Fall Prevention and Pain Management plans by clinically assessing and reassessing your movement to develop a program based on what your body needs. Our University qualified coaches and clinicians can help you train smarter and then harder via scientifically proven methods, not gimmicks and generalised programming. At Fox Physiotherapy we’re highly experienced in diagnosing and treating sports and musculoskeletal conditions. Our patients return to us for the quality of our care – we’re even treating some of their adult children now!


    Physiotherapy is a vibrant health care profession that aims to diagnose, rehabilitate and improve movement disorders by using evidence-based, natural methods such as exercise, manual therapy, motivation, adapted equipment and advocacy. Fox Physiotherapy offers one on one assessment and treatments of all physiotherapy suitable injuries to muscles, joints and neural tissues. Treatments are specifically tailored to the individual’s goals and current function. Physiotherapy treatment consists of restoring joint movement and muscle length through manual therapy techniques and exercise with the aim of restoring normal function. These techniques vary based on the injury and patient long-term goals. When it comes to orthopaedic rehabilitation – no one does it better! Contact us today for more insight on our orthopaedic rehabilitation treatments.

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