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    Physio Rehab Bankstown

    Excellence is synonymous with us here at Fox Physiotherapy. The leading and most aspiring physio rehab Bankstown team that has evolved their knowledge and methodologies to ensure that your rehab will be completed accurately and effectively.


    We are an elite physio rehab Bankstown team with over 60 years of combined experience, spanning five countries. Our physio rehab Bankstown physiotherapists have a diverse range of qualifications, yet the core concept that binds them is ‘absolute excellence’ in all that we do. Our physio rehab Bankstown team are the best physios in Sydney, including elite or specialist sports physiotherapists as well. The team has a long & rich history within Sydney, treating conditions from headaches & dizziness to hamstring tears & plantar fasciitis.


    We encounter a lot of patients who have tried just about everything you can think of to solve their problems however they haven’t found a solution or any type of relief. This is our speciality, we will work with you to uncover the real underlying problem and provide a solution using the best practices and knowledge we have acquired. We are the finest physio rehab in Bankstown  and we endeavour to perpetually push the boundaries of what is possible and provide our clients with the utmost best physio experience and service.


    Team environment

    We are invested in your wellbeing and are passionate about supporting your personal journey towards both fitness or lifestyle goals.


    Clinical perfection

    Our extensive knowledge of biomechanics, psychology, and social factors all contribute to a better understanding of your unique diagnosis and aspirations.


    Open communication

    Our communication style is built on trust, support and shared knowledge. This means we reassess, reflect, and optimise your treatment and outcomes as a team.


    Combining effective physiotherapy techniques with the latest technology and expert physiotherapist support, our Sydney physio clinic is the top choice for hands on treatment and rehabilitation in Sydney-Bankstown. Contact Fox today!

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