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    Physiotherapy treatment may include:

    • exercise program including stretches, strengthening and injury prevention exercises
    • massage, joint immobilisation and manipulation
    • western dry needling
    • ergonomic assessment and advise
    • sport training and return to work advice
    • electrotherapies such as ultrasound, interferential and heat or ice therapy
    • At Sydney Physios we also cover Sports Physiotherapy

    Our physiotherapist specialise in identifying and treating the underlying cause of injuries, We use a comprehensive range of techniques to decrease the likelihood of injury recurring.

    Treatment options include:

    • acute injury diagnosis, education and development of a treatment plan to facilitate recovery
    • referral for further investigations, or review by a specialist as needed
    • treatment that allows continued training and competition
    • customised home exercise programs
    • pool programs and hydrotherapy
    • biomechanical assessment including running, landing and sport-specific requirements
    • indentification of muscle imbalances in strenght, lenght and motor control
    • sport-specific screenings
    • taping and fitting of ankle guards to prevent injuries
    • return to sport fitness testing
    • immobilisation of injuries, such as casting, splinting and fitting of orthopaedic boots
    • orthotics
    • load monitoring advice
    • pre-operative and post-operative care

    Your Physiotherapist will communicate with coaches and personal trainers as a part of treatment, which is central to the rehabilitation process.

    Meet our Physiotherapists:

    Naazil Khan

    Nadia Bibi